Club History

Unfortunately no records exist of the first few years except through the medium of the newspaper the Murray Pioneer which stated on September 22 1910 through their Waikerie correspondent that “our desired but still slumbering rifle club is very slow at making an earnest appearance”. The next we hear on March 3rd 1911, is that Messrs Binks, Williams, J Coombe and Vasey are taking steps to accomplish a club. On April 17th a meeting was held Mr. Ross allowed part of Toolunka (across the river) for use as a rifle range. Mr. R. J. Coombe was elected Captain and Mr. Rube Starr as Secretary with a strong Committee appointed. A target pit was to be made and one target erected to the latest Commonwealth Defence specifications and the first official meeting of the committee to be held on April 19th. 1911. A telephone and line was to be purchased at the cost of £5.

The range was cleared by May 19th 1911 and the next we know is that on June 19th. 1912 the Waikerie Rifle Club now has 36 members and practice every Saturday afternoon with only five rifles supplied by the Army.

The next we know is that in 1917 an approach was made to Mr. J. Jones to lease the section of land where we are still shooting, because the river flooded their existing range. This land was cleared and ready for use by 1919 with Miss E. Hall firing the first shot, a bulls eye after ricocheting off two mallee trees.

In 1927 the 700 yard mound was added and sometime between then and 1931 the 800 and 900 yard mounds.

On December 3rd 1926, it was decided to join the River Murray Rifle League, before that we belonged to the No.2 Southern League.

Around this time ammunition cost 8 pence for 10 if you wanted any more than the free issue.

An Invitational Prize Meeting was held on April 20th 1986 to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of the Club. An invitation was sent to each Club in South Australia for two members from each as we only have two targets and so we felt we could only accommodate 40 competitors.  Aggregate winner for day was Gordon Cavanagh (Wallaroo RC)

In 2011 the WRC reached the milestone of 100 years as a rifle club.  To celebrate this occasion another anniversary prize meeting was held.  This took place on Sunday 27th March 2011, with competitors from SA clubs attending.  This was a very successful day with competitors enjoying the friendly and relaxed atmosphere and hospitality offered by the Club.  A Grade winner was Philip Bradshaw (CTV RC), B Grade was Alan Hucks (Yunta RC), C Grade was Dean Lord (Waikerie RC) and F Class was Lyn Otto (Kapunda RC).