Christmas Shoot 2016

Only 4 members and 2 visitors attended the club Christmas Shoot to end the calendar year of shooting for the club.

We started the morning at the 400 yard firing point where Paul, Dean and Dave, all using F-Class rifles shot a 15-shot match.  David and Jeff used black powder jobs with varying degrees of success.

It was then decided by anonymous consent to move closer to the 200 yard firing point leaving the 400 yard targets in the frames.  Dean used the F-Class rifle and as one would expect shot a 60/60, then had a “crack” with the SMLE .303.  Dave took the advantage to check how his .222 hunting rifle was sighting.  Paul shot a round using the .303. The Morty’s using various black powder rifles.  Richard Noll, as a visitor, used his .308 Mauser and was happy to have the telescopic sights back on track for true sighting.

Following the morning shooting we quickly tidied and cleaned up, then all travelled back into town to enjoy a lunch and drinks together which Brenda had begun to prepare for us on our arrival.

Christmas Shoot 2016 Lunch under the pergola

Christmas Shoot 2016
Lunch under the pergola