900 Yards on 08/06/2019

Name1st Stage2nd StageAggHandicapH/cap %Total
Dave Kroschel (FO)58.349.0107.31776120
Don Cook (FO) 57.254.2111.41560120
Paul Bartel (FO)57.453.0110.41759120
Roy Schubert (TR)49.449.398.7199
Shane Kreusler (FO) - visitor51.1dns51.1vis51

A rather cold morning with the breeze fish-tailing down the range. Then as the morning wore on along with the fish-tailing a sudden switch either to left or right and back to centre would take place. All good fun at 900 yards.

Highest scorer in F-Class was Don Cook with 111.4, and in TR was Roy Schubert with 98.7