600 Yard Bench Rest on 29/07/2017

NameCalibreTarget 1 GroupTarget 1 ScoreTarget 2 GroupTarget 2 ScoreGroup AggScore Agg
Paul Bartel6.5 Super LR4.983427.339296.16171
Jim Nielsen6.5 x 553.960434.040384.00081
Dave Kroschel3087.749327.169387.45970

This Saturday we held our first competition on the IBS 600 Yard Bench Rest targets.

Unfortunately only 3 members took the opportunity to experience shooting this new discipline since its inclusion in the SSR’s.
Those of us who did quite enjoyed the challenge of firing marked sighter shots on one target and then moving across to a record target and firing 5 shots “blind”.

The 5 shots on the target are then marked for group size and also a score.

The wind made it rather difficult later in the morning as it became quite blustery and buffeted shooters on the benches.
Despite this the competitors were quite happy with their first attempt at this new target.