Question: Do you have facilities for the use of Shotgun and Handguns?

Answer: No, this club only has SAPOL approval for TR (Target Rifle) Service Rifle & F-Class (these to a maximum calibre of 8mm).

Question: Do I need to provide my own ear and eye protection?

Answer: Yes, you should supply your own PPE. The club has some Protective equipment for an emergency but these resources are limited.

Question: Can I use a 22lr?

Answer: You can use a 22lr; we have a short range target which is available.

Question: Do I need to provide my own targets?

Answer: At WRC your weekly range fee will entitle you to the use of shared club targets.

Question: Do I need to be a member?

Answer: You don’t need to be a member to start with. After 3 visits, when you find your feet and decide Long Range Target Shooting is for you, we would encourage you to join. You can initially join as a Provisional member (valid for 3 months – once only)

Question: Can the kids come along and shoot?

Answer: Minors aged between 12 and 18 years of age are allowed to participate in target shooting under club member supervision.

Question: How do I get an SA firearms license?

Answer: To obtain an SA firearms license you must meet a few requirements;

  1. Complete a PD303 (Application for a Firearms Licence) and forward to SAPOL,
  2. On receiving Approval Letter present letter and attend training at club and/or TAFE,
  3. On successful completion of training attend centre for photo ID for firearms licence and make payment with documentation for licence.

Question: When are club shoots?

Answer: WRC meets weekly during our sporting season which occurs between the months of February and December. During that time club shoots are held every Saturday from 8:30am until approximately 11.30am apart from the very occasional exception.

Question: What are the weekly costs involved in Long Range Target Shooting.

Answer: Generally the weekly cost of Target Shooting is fairly minimal. To shoot you must pay a weekly range fee. The range fee is currently $3.00. The only other cost is ammunition. Shooters generally supply their own as they use handloads. Palma or Target ammunition is definitely recommended over hunting rounds.

Question: How do I join Waikerie Rifle Club?

Answer: Joining our club may depend on a number of factors (if you currently have a firearms licence or not);

  1. Complete a membership form and return it to the club,
  2. Complete referees form and return it to the club,
  3. If you don’t have a firearms licence, help will be given to arrange this,
  4. If you do have a firearms licence, ensure that it is endorsed for class B firearms and has POU 1 (Purpose of Use – Club),
  5. The club will then contact SAPOL Firearms Branch for a “fit and proper person to become a member of a recognised club” check,
  6. Complete application for membership to South Australian Rifle Association.

Question: What if I don’t have a firearms license?

Answer: That’s Ok you can still shoot, as long as you meet the following requirements:

  1. You must be at least 18 years of age.
  2. Children between 12 and 18 years age can use firearms approved for use on our range, under club supervision.

Question: What if I don’t have a firearm, can I borrow a friend’s or is there one I can use at the range?

Answer: Waikerie Rifle Club has one TR rifle for visiting shooters to use under the supervision of a club coach (book ahead to ensure club rifles are taken to the range). Visiting shooters are welcome to use a friend’s firearm with the permission of the range officer on duty providing;

  1. The owner is licensed to be in possession of the firearm
  2. Both parties have signed the range register
  3. It is suited to the range we are shooting from
  4. The owner is present at the time of its use

Question: My rifle has a muzzlebrake; can I use it at your range?

Answer: No you can’t use it with the muzzlebrake; these are not permitted under the SSR’s (Standard Shooting Rules) of the NRAA. If your muzzlebrake is removable you can use the rifle without the muzzle brake attached.