About Us

Waikerie Rifle Club is affiliated with the South Australian Rifle Association.  All members must pay an annual affiliation fee to SARA. This currently stands at $150, with reductions for pensioners and juniors. Among other benefits this covers members with an insurance policy through NRAA.

The Club has an annual fee of $25 and a range fee of $5 for shooting on the day. This nominal fee is to cover running costs and repairs only.

Under Firearms Regulation 38AA before a recognised club can grant new membership, an applicant must produce a current shooting club member’s licence (changing clubs) or a letter from the Registrar issued within the preceding 21 days, stating the applicant is a fit and proper person to hold a shooting club member’s licence. Clubs may write to the Firearms Branch with a list of prospective members, their date of birth and address and request this information.

Applicants must produce 2 references to the club, signed within the last 21 days advising of good character, and suitability for membership. A club executive member must contact each of the referees to verify the contents of the references, and keep a record of the contact.

Potential new members to a club should be advised to apply at their local Police Station for a firearms licence or variation prior to commencing any training. The subsequent training notice from Firearms Branch will identify an applicant as a fit and proper to possess firearms.

We are approved to conduct all disciplines covered in the Standard Shooting Rules of the NRAA. This includes Target Rifle, Service Rifle, Target Rifle Optical Class, Long Range Black Powder and Free Class. We also have approval for Bench Rest shooting.

The main discipline conducted is Target Rifle (TR), for which basically the rules state; Any bolt action, which, in the opinion of the NRAA is of conventional design and subject to the following conditions:  Rifles chambered for use with the unmodified 7.62mm NATO [or .308 W] or the 5.56mm x 45 NATO, or .223Rem, cartridges are approved for all open competitions. shooting from the prone position unsupported, with open sights.

Free Class (F Class) is now being shot by members and will be available.  This is any rifle that may be legally held by the competitor for use on the range may be used, excluding return-to-battery rigs or similar and subject to the following conditions. An F-Class Open Rifle may be of any calibre up to and including 8mm. The overall weight must not exceed 10kg including all attachments (such as, but not limited to, its sights and bipod, if any). A rifle may have one front and one rear rest. A front rest can be attached to the rifle, or be unattached. A rear rest must be unattached. Front and rear rests may not be connected to each other. Sighting systems are unrestricted, providing they must be aligned with the eye for each shot, and must be included in the overall weight. Any bolt action rifle chambered for use with the 7.62mm x 51mm NATO (or .308W), or the 5.56mm x 45mm NATO (or .223 REM), is approved for all F Std competitions

Construction of a regulation bench for benchrest shooting provides an additional scope for target shooting skill and is also available for those who find it difficult to get down into a prone firing position. We have one portable unit and one fixed at 900 yards.

Second-hand target rifles can be purchased from as low as $200 and as high as over $2,000. Brand new purpose made target rifles are available from various suppliers including the State Association office.

The Club season consists of a series of down-range-shoots. A down-range-shoot is a shoot at each range of 300, 400, 500, 600, 700, 800 and 900 yards. Each shoot consists of two rounds of 10 scoring shots starting with two sighting shots.

Members are allocated a handicap which is adjusted according to scores.

At the end of the season trophies for each down-range winner are awarded and also trophies for the Club Champion for highest off-rifle aggregate and for the Club Handicap Champion.

Competition generally takes place on Saturday mornings starting at 8:30am. During the hotter parts of the year we are bound by a hot weather policy. Timing can vary and is changed in consultation with all members.

Drinks are generally available at the completion of the day’s competition to enjoy to compliment a social aspect to the club.

We invite you to attend to try our sport and will be made more than welcome. We will try to help out and answer any queries you may have as a number of our members have been State and Australian team coaches and managers.

Contact: President@waikerierifleclub.com